One of the many services we proudly offer at John Bennett Billiards is refurbished pool tables. If you already own a quality pool table, it may be a better option for you to refurbish instead of purchasing a brand new table. If the pool table has been in the family for years, it’s especially important to look into the option of refreshing and renewing your heirloom.

Over the years, due to the great deal of use your pool table is sure to have received, the table will begin to show its wear. There may be scratches on the wood, torn or worn out pockets, a slanted or unlevel slate surface, a torn or stained cloth surface.

In order to return it to the pristine condition of days gone by, let John Bennett Billiards walk you through the options of what we can do for you. The fact is, refurbished pool tables are every bit as valuable as brand new ones. Sometimes even more.

Reconditioned Pool Tables – Professional Results

It’s important for a professional to complete the refurbishing process in order to get the results you are looking for. John Bennett Billiards has all the tools and experience to tackle the most serious issues that come with an aging pool table.

Reasons to Consider Refurbished Pool Tables

Sometimes a pool table may have been in storage or unused for a time, which can cause issues. Some of these issues may include:
• Moisture Damage
• Mold
• Insect/Bug/Rodent Damage
• Warping
• Damaged/Missing Parts or Pieces
Any pool table left in storage is not immune to severe shifts in

temperature, getting wet or you want the pool table to be refurbished to its original condition and not be damaged in any way that prohibits players from enjoying a proper game of pool.

A very detailed inspection begins the process involved in refurbished pool tables. This includes looking at the legs, frame and all the structural parts of the table to make sure there are no missing or damaged pieces that will negatively impact the structure of the table itself. This is a key first step which ensures that the structure is sound before any of the aesthetic refurbishing can begin. If anything needs to be repaired or replaced due to damage, it’s at this point in the process.

If the pool table incurred stains or water damage, those parts are sanded down and new repaired or replacement

pieces are added to the table structure. A sound structural foundation is imperative as a starting point, so the entire process comes together to produce a sound, beautiful pool table.

Once any damaged structural pieces are replaced, it’s time to restore the table back to its original design. It’s here where a professional eye and touch are needed. Matching any replacement pieces requires blending them in perfectly with the original design and look of the table. Hand-turned wooden legs, or any special carved feature of the table, needs to be restored in such a way that no one will know it’s a replacement. Rather, it looks like the beautiful piece of furniture from years gone by, just refreshed and updated.

Once the details of the design have been restored, the time-consuming staining process to match the original color and wood begins. It takes a keen eye for detail to match the type of wood, wood color and produce the result of a perfectly, seamlessly matched table. After sanding the table down to a smooth, clean, even surface, the stain is applied.
Once the staining process is completed, it’s on to the special sealant. Choosing the right type of sealant, one which enhances and protects the beauty of the wood and

design of the entire piece to last and is applied correctly, should be left to a professional. Any painted accents or hand-painted detail work comes next after the stain and sealant have cured, which can take anywhere from a few days to a week. In most cases, the four rails on top of the table are completely replaced, because the wood can become damaged beyond what refurbishing can do. This can be analyzed during the initial inspection process.

The original handrails may be salvaged, but once removed, odds are they will need at least a detailed re-sanding and re-staining to restore them to a better condition and to match the rest of the wood and detail work. It’s very important for the handrails to be structurally sound because they are the foundation for new replacement cushions. Cushions need to be replaced which, due to regular use, become damaged and need replacement. The rubber material protecting the cushions may have become brittle or cracked from regular use. It may also be necessary to completely replace the pockets, along with the original interior pocket materials (netting or plastic). The slate top is inspected to make sure its level and in good working condition or replaced if needed. The slate top is what gives your pool table the smooth level playing surface. Once the slate has been checked, the cloth is custom measured, stretched and secured into place. The final choice of cloth colors makes customizing even more personal and is indeed the crowning touch to your newly refurbished pool table.

8ft Bespoke Oak Snooker Table

As you can see, there is a lot of work involved with refurbished pool tables. At John Bennett Billiards, we believe it’s worth all the time and effort to give you the stellar results you deserve.
Before you make another investment in a new pool table, consider the benefits of reconditioned pool tables. Not only can you bring a long-forgotten piece back to an incredible life, but you can restore those beautiful pieces for many years of fun and social interaction for family, friends and future generations.
For more information about refurbished pool tables, call John Bennett Billiards, the expert in new and antique pool table restoration since 1821.

Some examples of our work

Over the years we have built a wide range of clients, for whom we have built unique personalised state of the art snooker, billiard and pool tables. Some of these were for private high profile clients, who prefer to rename anonymous.
Here are just a few examples of of some of the tables that we have refurbished and built. We have many others available, in the online shop below.