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Custom Pool Tables - Tailor made for you!

Having a pool table is a dream that many families have and although it's easy to buy one from a generic store, imagine having your own unique custom made pool table. Custom furniture has grown in popularity over the years, especially as manufacturers are beginning to produce the same pieces over and over. Pool players that want to add a personal twist to the favourite game table in their house will be able to choose from a variety of different options to create the most beautiful piece imaginable.

It might seem like a daunting task, but at John Bennett Billiards we offer comprehensive design consultations to ensure your every dream is met. Our team of local artisans will construct the perfect table based on your specifications; all you have to do is tell us what you want the pool table to look like.

Choosing the Overall Design

There are hundreds of different designs you might be interested in, such as a 6’ x 9’ table with curved legs or a more modern glass top that can double as a dining room table. The first step to creating your custom pool table is to get a general idea of what you’d like it to look like. It’s important to take the décor of your home into account, as you will want a piece that will accentuate your personal style. Once you have given us an idea of what you’d like the entire concept to be, we can then help you with the finer details.

An Assortment of Table Coverings

Whether you want to opt for traditional felt or if you want something a little more contemporary such as glass, there are plenty of table coverings to choose from. Our design consultants will work with you in order to choose the right table coverings for your every need. For example, if you want a dining room pool table we can construct a removable top to protect the felt of the pool table but to also give you the perfect dining surface. Not only will you have the ability to choose the material of the cover, but you can also pick the perfect colours to match the aesthetic of your home.

Woods and Stains

Another important part of the design process for custom made pool tables is to choose the right type of wood and the perfect stain. You may already have a concept in your mind as to what you would like the table to look like when it’s complete. If you don’t, not to worry! Take advantage of our full team of artisan craftsmen who will be able to help you with choosing the perfect components to create a striking pool table that everyone in your family will love.

John Bennett Billiards Ltd can manufacture any size of pool table you require, in both English and American styles.  Just let us know the dimensions of your room, and we can work out the best option available to you.  We use only the finest quality raw materials, and using time-tested processes, make your dreams a reality.

We can manufacture pool tables in both contemporary and traditional styles, in a choice of carefully selected timbers from our own workshops in Kent.

All our prices include delivery and ground floor installation, within 50 miles of Maidstone.  The tables come complete with a full range of accessories which include 4 cues, long rests, cross rest, spider rest, and wall mounted cue rack, dust cover, table brush, snooker balls, triangle and chalk. Effectively everything you need to get started.

Getting the right pool  table for you is important to us, that is why we encourage you to call us (01622 815623) or email us ( to talk about the possibilities of a custom table, as we have a lot of items which are not listed on this website and special offers available.

Some examples of our work

Over the years we have built a wide range of clients, for whom we have built unique personalised state of the art snooker, billiard and pool tables. Some of these were for private high profile clients, who prefer to rename anonymous.
Here are just a few examples of of some of the tables that we have refurbished and built. We have many others available, in the online shop below.

If you are looking for luxury pool tables look no further, our hand crafted tables are built with the best materials to suit your specific needs. Luxury at an affordable price. If you are looking for a custom luxury table with specific requirements, then please get in touch with us today

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