Antique Snooker Tables

Antique Snooker Tables - Hand Refurbished With Care

With our knowledge of the history of snooker and billiard tables, John Bennett Billiards are very selective in the tables we buy and sell.  You can be guaranteed to have a superb, high quality, Antique snooker tables, both as a piece of furniture, and as a games table.  All the tables we have for sale are from a small handful of the best manufacturers of their day.  All tables are sympathetically restored, when commissioned, to the customer’s specification, matching as close as possible to its original condition.

With our own workshops in Kent, we have the facilities for total renovation, including wood turning, veneering and polishing.  We have, over the years, accumulated, many original spare parts.  We can therefore restore tables using many original parts and age-similar timbers.

All our prices include delivery and ground floor installation, within 50 miles of Maidstone.  The tables come complete with a full range of accessories which include 4 cues, long rests, cross rest, spider rest, wall mounted cue rack, dust cover, table brush, snooker balls, triangle and chalk. Effectively everything you need to get started.

Getting the right Antique Snooker table for you is important to us, that is why we encourage you to call us (01622 815623) or email us ( to talk about the possibilities of a custom table, as we have a lot of items which are not listed on this website and special offers available.

John Bennett Billiards – Antique Snooker Tables

Antique snooker tables are far more than pieces of furniture you can store in the corner in your basement. Instead, they are a beautiful masterpiece that you will be proud to show off to friends and family. They’re also perfectly functional to where you can play great games with guests or to improve your personal skill.

At John Bennett Billiards we take the traditional idea of antique snooker tables and bring it to a brand new level, giving you the ability to experience the true benefits of having an antique in your home. With our high-quality artisan craftsmanship and refinishing skills, we are able to restore and revitalise any size snooker table to look stunning in any space.

Modern vs. Antique Snooker Tables

There was a point in time when everyone wanted modern designed game tables, but as this trend became more popular they also became too common. If you’re truly the type of person that is looking for a show-stopping snooker table that people will talk about for years to come, you should be looking into antiques. You won’t have to worry about having the same game table as your best friends down the street, as you’ll have your own unique piece.

Perfectly Constructed

There’s plenty of truth in the fact that antique furniture is made better than modern pieces that you would currently find in any store. In today’s day and age, manufacturers are looking for the cheapest ways to put things together so they work – not so they last with regular use. When our antiques were constructed, they were built to be passed on through generations.

Although your antique snooker tables do have a special list of easy maintenance and cleaning tasks, their overall construction is far superior to what you would find in anywhere else. This is why they’re perfect for re-purposing as one family can enjoy using it for plenty of years only for it to be enjoyed by another family in the future.

Perfectly Constructed

Every home deserves the ability to have character and an antique snooker table is a perfect way to experience personality without going overboard with interior decorating. It’s a wonderful option to make a room feel more comfortable without having to completely renovate an entire space.

If you’ve wondered how an antique snooker table could revitalise the decor in your home, contact us today to learn more!

Eco-Friendly Shopping

Choosing an antique snooker table is far more beneficial to the environment than buying a brand new one, simply because it is an upscale version of refinishing an existing piece of furniture. Our assortments of antiques not only have an impressive life cycle, but it gives you the ability to avoid contributing to carbon emissions.

Eco-Friendly Shopping

Trends come and go over the years, but there’s nothing better than having a classic and timeless snooker table that will always be in style. There may be times when antiques become trendier than ever before, but they will never become less popular over time. With their beautifully crafted curves, carvings, and lines, their construction is unmatched by any other design concept in the world. This is why an antique snooker table is one of the most sought after pieces of gaming furniture.

Some examples of our work

Over the years we have built a wide range of clients, for whom we have built unique personalised state of the art snooker, billiard and pool tables. Some of these were for private high profile clients, who prefer to rename anonymous.
Here are just a few examples of of some of the tables that we have refurbished and built. We have many others available, in the online shop below.

Online Shop

Below are some examples of items available to purchase online