Lovely mahogany 6ft snooker or pool rollover dining table by George Edwards of Kingsland Road, London C.1890. Featuring a Welsh slate bed, turned legs and a panelled mahogany dining top, this table easily converts from dining table to billiard table, allowing you to have both without compromise.  This table will be fully refurbished including stripping the table back to the bare wood and polishing, replacing the cushion blocks and rubbers, covering the bed and cushions in West of England 6811 cloth and fitting new hand stitched leather & cotton bag nets to the pockets. Shown is an identical table we restored and installed in 2023, with a slate blue cloth. Included in the price is mainland ground floor delivery and instillation, as well as a complete set of accessories.  Easily sits 8. 6ft snooker playing surface, 7ft dining surface.

One piece slate – 6ft by 3ft

3 piece solid mahogany dining tops