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John Bennett (Billiards) Ltd prides itself on the quality of it's workmanship. With over 30 years experience in the trade, our workshops in Kent, where we can manufacture and restore bespoke Billiard tables of any size. We are one of only a handful of people in the country that can offer this service. With imports from China flooding the market, using poor quality materials, and mass produced, we have developed a range of Billiard tables, which offer both uniqueness and quality, using only the finest raw materials, all carefully sought here in the UK. We are creating antiques of the future. We have a large range of antique Billiard tables of all sizes, and makes. These are ready to be lovingly refurbished, to suit your own personal specification.

Getting the right table for you is important to us, that is why we encourage you to call us (07740664843) or email us ([email protected]) to talk about the possibilities of a custom table, as we have a lot of items which are not listed on this website and special offers available.

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John Bennett Billiards - Antique Billiard Tables

When it comes to creating a recreational space in your home you’re going to want to have the right games to keep friends and family entertained. As one of the most popular games in the world, a custom-made snooker table will surely be an impressive feature.

At John Bennett Billiards we not only create stunning snooker tables that will fit perfectly into any home, but we also offer antique refinishing services for your existing game tables.

When you’re an avid billiard player you not only want to use a functioning table that improves your game, but you’ll also want to play on a table you can appreciate. Generic pool tables that you’d find in your local pub are anything but stunning and you certainly wouldn’t want to have one in your home. This is especially true once you take antique billiard tables into consideration as they exude luxury, class, and sophistication.

The Benefits of Custom Snooker Tables

It’s easy to wonder why custom snooker tables are so popular in homes around the world and the answer is simple – great fun and luxurious furniture at an agreeable price.

Made to Fit

There’s nothing worse than deciding it’s time to furniture for your home only to find that it won’t fit in a specific area due to being too big or too small. When it comes to a custom-made snooker table, our team makes every piece based on your specifications. All you have to do is advise us on the size you’re interested in and our team will construct a table based on the dimensions.

Stunning Appeal

You can easily find a snooker table from a store in your immediate area, but there’s a high change it will look generic and mass produced. This takes away from the overall appeal of your home and it certainly isn’t as beautiful as a custom antique piece. Your snooker table has the ability to be much more than a regular game table, in fact, it can completely transform the interior aesthetic of any room in your house. There’s nothing more sophisticated than custom-made furniture or revitalised antique pieces.

Easy to Own

When you opt for a custom snooker table you’re able to design the unit from scratch. You can choose from various intricate wood detailing, the stain of the wood, the type of pockets on the table, and even the colour of felt. We make the process easy, as all you have to do is tell us what your vision is and we’ll use our artisan craftsmanship to build the perfect snooker table for your home.

Restoring Timeless Pieces

It can be difficult to let go of antiques you have in your home, even if your family never uses them. They may be heirlooms or an original fixture that came with the house when you first bought it. It doesn’t mean it should just be a piece of furniture you have stored in your attic or basement. Why not take the chance to transform its appearance and turn it into a show stopping focal point of any room? We understand the importance of keeping antiques in the family, and to make sure that your snooker table looks its best over the years we offer special restorative services.

If you’re looking for a way to bring out the original classic and timeless appeal of your snooker table, allow our team to appraise it so we can transform its design to suit your every need. It will surely become the most beautiful aspect of your home you’ll be proud of.

Furniture Full of Character

When you’re looking to enhance the appeal of your home, it’s always best to opt for pieces that exude character. There’s no other design aesthetic full of more character than antiques, as each piece seems to tell a story. With an antique billiard table, you’ll not only have an extraordinary playing space, but also a conversational piece that will surely be the focal point of the room.

Whether you have a more modern home or a classic home, an antique is an ideal way to make it more your own.

Tailor made Beauty

Another interesting feature of the antique billiard tables from John Bennett Billiards is they can be completely customised to suit your every need. Instead of going down to your local big box store to buy a piece of mass produced furniture that nearly everyone has, you can own a rare pool table that will look like it was made specifically for your home.

Whether you are interested in looking through our collection of inherited antiques or if you want us to create your own heirloom, the options are endless. You can choose from a variety of different woods, stains, pocket materials, and table coverings to really make the piece your own.

Owning an Investment

No matter when you purchase an antique billiard table, it’s undoubtedly going to increase in value over the years. This is what makes them so special in comparison to mass-produced pieces, as they can become a great investment for your family. Not only are they perfect for increasing your property value (if you decide to sell your house), but the pool table itself will be worth more in a few years than what you pay for it today.

High Quality, Impeccable Craftsmanship

It’s true what they say; nothing is made like it used to be in the past. This is particularly true when it comes to antiques and you won’t be able to get a better deal for your money anywhere else. Antiques are built to last through the years to where you may even be able to pass your billiard table down through generations.

One of the greatest things our customers appreciate about our curated collection of antique pool tables is we offer the highest quality imaginable. With impeccable craftsmanship and the highly skilled artisans on our team, John Bennett Billiards’ tables are unmatched. Contact us today to learn more about our luxurious collection of antique pool tables.

Some examples of our work

Over the years we have built a wide range of clients, for whom we have built unique personalised state of the art Billiard tables. Some of these were for private high profile clients, who prefer to rename anonymous.
Here are just a few examples of of some of the tables that we have refurbished and built. We have many others available, in the online shop below.