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Snooker Table Restoration

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We have been in this business since 1821, and over the years we have perfected the art of making the perfect table for our customer, get in touch with us and see what we can do for you.

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We always strive to keep our prices down for you the customer. We provide exclusive high quality tables at affordable prices.

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We provide an excellent after sales customer service.  We are only happy when you are happy, so our goal is to ensure you get the product you want, value for money, and a personalised experience.  This is what makes us different from our competitors

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    John Bennett Billiards – Snooker Table Restoration

    If you already have a snooker table that needs a little TLC, there’s no point to scrapping the existing piece of furniture only to buy a new one. At John Bennett Billiards our team is able to bring out the original beauty of your snooker table and restore it to its original glory.

    There are plenty of snooker table restoration services that we have available including table recovering, pocket repair and replacement, re-levelling, and French polishing.

    Table Recovering

    It’s quite common for avid snooker players to leave marks on the felt on their table, particularly if you have children, pets, or family members that are learning how to play the game. Although felt is a relatively resilient material, over the years it can show signs of significant wear and tear. Many home owners try to recover their tables themselves, but at the end of the day, it’s best to rely on the professionals as an improper recovering can damage the integrity of your snooker table.

    With our table recovering services you can easily choose from a variety of different types of felt and colours to revitalise the look of your gaming table. A simple recovering can completely change the appearance of gaming furniture and help it to look brand new once again.

    Base, Leg, and Frame Repair

    Whether you’ve recently moved house or if you have begun to notice scrapes and scratches in the wood of your snooker table because of pesky pests and pets, you’re going to want to take advantage of our base, leg, and frame repair services.

    Our team will inspect the damage and determine what the best method of repair is. All your table may need is a quick refinishing or we may have to resurface all of the wood in order to get rid of dings and scratches. Regardless, it’s necessary to not only keep your snooker table in tact but to also ensure that it looks its best.

    Pocket Repair and Replacement

    You would be surprised to learn there are many different types of pockets you can choose for your snooker table. Some are more functional than others whereas there are many different designs that offer a beautiful aesthetic appeal that will only add to the beauty of the furniture. From different materials used to construct the pockets to different colours of fabric, replacing pockets can be a great way to heighten the beauty of your existing table.

    As for pocket repair, it’s a necessity otherwise every time you sink a ball it’s simply going to fall on the floor and roll away. It’s best to address the problems with your snooker table before it’s rendered useless and unplayable.


    Above all else, it is imperative that you take our re-levelling services into account when it comes to creating the best playing experience possible. It’s important to note that although your snooker table may be perfectly level for one room in your home, it doesn’t mean it’s level for every room in your home. Our team will help to create a straight and trustworthy surface where you won’t have to worry about balls sliding around on their own. An un-levelled snooker table is essentially impossible to play on, and it can be a hassle to try to make the table level if your floors aren’t straight.

    At John Bennett Billiards we can help to take the way you play snooker and transform it into a wonderful experience on a beautiful table you will appreciate for years to come. To learn more about how our snooker table restoration services can help, contact us today.

    Recovering Services

    We can recover all manner of cue sports tables from small bagatelle tables, to full size snooker tables, and both American and English pool tables. We are also able to replace cushion rubbers and supply and fit new nets and leathers to the pockets.
    We recommend using Strachan West of England cloth and Northern rubbers.

    Recent Work

    Over the years we have built a wide range of clients, for whom we have built unique personalised state of the art snooker, billiard and pool tables.  Some of these were for private high profile clients, who prefer to rename anonymous.
    Here are just a few examples of of some of the tables that we have refurbished and built.  We have many others available.
    With over 50 tables in stock, we are bound to have something within budget, and just what you are looking for!